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Demonstration training of falcons and hawks is about 30 minutes long in the seasonal program. There's no exhibition out of season.

Area (falconry) and natural amphitheatre AQUILA - BOJNÍK is year around available - free entry - (except exhibitions) at this time

in the months X. - III. daily  10.00 am - 4.00 pm
in the months IV. - IX. daily   9.00 am - 7.00 pm

Exhibition of Falconry AQUILA is ussualy connected with the exhibition Group of Historical Fencing  BOJNIK.

Exhibitions are at the natural amphitheatre, close to the Bojnice Castle



More information you can find at www.aquila.sk


The Group of Historical Fencing BOJNÍK

Exhibitions are in the natural amphitheatre( wood made ), close to the Bojnice Castle or at the Castle Orava 


Bojnice Castle

during summer season (Mai - September)
4 exhibitions daily

Castle Orava (Oravsky hrad)

during summer season (Mai  - September)
exhibition for all groups

More information you can find at www.bojnik.sk


Photos - source: www.aquila.sk , www.bojnik.sk , Joe McDonald/Bruce Coleman, Inc

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